VII National Day
against Food Waste


i-REXFO joins the National Day against Food Waste

The i-REXFO business model, through the energy enhancement of food waste, makes sustainable the action to prevent food waste and to facilitate donation of surpluses.

How can you contribute to waste prevention?

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The enormous food waste, that is characterizing our societies, is a concrete obstacle to the global fight against hunger and poverty in Europe and in developing countries. This dramatic trend affects “the right to food” of millions of people and causes a waste of precious natural resources, such as land, water and energy, used in different phases of the food production chain.

A third of the food produced worldwide does not reach the table and every day, only in Italy, more than 4000 tons of food are thrown away.

The National Food Waste Prevention Day, promoted by the Ministry of the Environment in 2014, was set up on February 5th to prevent and fight food waste in our country. The initiative aims to reduce surpluses of food not only after purchase, but also along the supply chain, with the recovery of unsold products for solidarity purposes.

A lot of information projects that aim to reduce the food waste started thanks to the numerous campaigns implemented. With simple precautions it is possible to reduce food surpluses and, consequently, the impact on the environment!