The i-REXFO food experience will be held on Saturday 25 September at 11.00, at the Taverna Ammaniti in Foligno, on the occasion of "I Primi di Italia" event.

The i-REXFO project, created to reduce waste and encourage the use and sale of food that is about to expire, organized a culinary experience for the occasion to learn not to waste food that is left over. Chef Livia Coarelli, from the “Il Moderno” restaurant in Perugia, will show the participants a creative recipe that anyone can replicate at home, using leftovers.

Practical dvices will be provided against waste that will serve to empty every fridge and pantry, thus allowing to bring awareness to the kitchen as well as favoring economic savings for families. I Primi d’Italia is the national festival of the city of Foligno that celebrates all the first courses of Italian cuisine.

There will be four days - from 23 to 26 September - dedicated to continuous tastings, cooking lessons, demonstrations by great chefs, quality food production, but also moments of show and entertainment.