i-REXFO takes part in the National Food Waste Prevention Day

i-REXFO demonstrates how waste reduction improves human health and the environment, according to the slogan of the 9th National Food Waste Prevention Day and with the data of the new report of the Waste Watcher International Observatory which analyzed the "case of Italy". The consumption habits and food management data analysis are essential to support the awareness process towards waste prevention.
The National Day focuses on achieving the sustainability goals of the UN Agenda 2030. According to data from the Waste Watcher Observatory, Italians are changing their behavior: 74% of respondents say they bring with them the shopping list when they go to the grocery store, and 57% plan a weekly menu to avoid wasting; 82% of Italians check what must be consumed first in the pantry, and 4 out of 5 Italians pay more attention to the servings.
In conclusion, Italians are becoming more aware of the waste issue, thanks to the many awareness campaigns that raise awareness of real benefits for health and for the planet.
i-REXFO has carried out many campaigns and activities in the demonstration phase of the project which will be presented in the final conference scheduled for 22 February 2022, in Copenhagen (in presence or online). Stay tuned!