Today we celebrate the VI National food waste prevention Day

How much bought food ends up every day in the garbage? Fruit, vegetables, milk, meat, fish and bread are all food products that very often don't even make it to the table.they are purchased and not consumed.

On a national scale every consumer wastes 2,89 kg of food annually and on a world scale 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted, one third of total world production.

This are the numbers on which, on occasion of the VI National food waste prevention Day, we are invited to reflect.

This initiative, promoted in 2014 by the Ministry of environment, puts the spotlight on active awareness campaings.

The objective is to reduce surplus of food not only after purchase but also along the production chain by donating unsold products to charity associations.

During the VI National food waste Prevention Day, the numbers of food wasted on a global scale invite to reflect.